Thursday, March 30, 2017

Around the BAY 2017 ed.

2017- 2:27:52
2016- 2:28:57-Raced

2015- 2:48:04- Gastro
2014-2:34:40- Whatever
2013-2:38:42- Ran with a friend and sang songs.
2012- 2:54:51- Paced a friend to sub three.
2011- 2:25:20- Raced- Was on steriods r/t root canals.
2010- 2:37:04- Tried to race- crashed.
2009- 2:31:27- First timers luck.

Ninth year running  Around the Bay, on paper looks like it was my second best time. However the year I ran 2:25 I also happen to be on prednisone due to some dental work I had done. Thus, I will never count that year as a true time.  Thus I would say 2017 was my best performance in steel down.
However it hurt.  I found I had to work for every step; it was a complete mental game. I was fatigued, and just had no desire to push. I had mildly tapered, and really didn’t want to come home with another bronze metal so knew I had to put some work into it.
Right from the get go I found it tough. I had actually forgotten my Garmin but thankfully my brother from another mother lent me his as he was just participating and his time didn’t mean anything to him. But it wasn’t mine and I did spend effort fussing. Thankfully I did have my pace to keep me accountable and for some reason it gave me mile, not kilometers splits. As long as I stayed below 8 I thought that would be good.
The wind was a definite distraction; I was constantly trying to find groups to run behind to block the wind.  Wore long sleeves, tights, and wind west which I found to be too hot. Was distracted by my sweating which I hate. Was running intermittently around a buddy but around 22 I told him he better go as he is a faster runner then me and I could tell I was getting pretty unhappy. At that point I ate everything I had with me, and walked ten steps on an uphill. Tracy from runners den came along and we ran together for a bit but then we hit the Valley hill in road and I told her to go on as I am slow on hills. I think I walked for 10 steps somewhere on the hill. Once I got to the 26kish  mark I realized at 25min to make 2:30 and told another girl we needed to move to make silver then just worked. I sang when I had to and crossed the line. It was not easy and I was very glad to be done. I used on phone in my waist belt to record my run on strava and for some reason it says I went 31.4k.
Next year will be 10 years straight so I guess I have to make another annual pilgrimage to Hamilton, but that will be the last, I swear.
Looking forward to April 17, I am doubtful I will be able to maintain that pace for an additional 12k to make my A+ goal of sub 3:30Guess we will see what the day brings. I think I have had a good lead up except for my long runs. I missed one, and they could have been a tad longer. We will see, in any event it will BOSTON, so all good.

Monday, January 30, 2017

What I do not Understand


Here's the thing, who voted for him?

I am fairly active on the interwebs, I read a variety of news media sources daily and NOBODY IS PRO-TRUMP.

Have I cornered myself into a place were only liberals interact? I have gone so far as to google pro trump media just because I am always interested in  hearing of the other side, but I just can not find it.

I know of one person who has verbalized a pro Trump stance but even he has gone silent.

I understand a bit of the American system and know he did not get the popular vote, but still he got some votes. Where are these people? Not that I want to hear from them, just who supports him?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tobermorry Trail Marthon

Ok, slightly behind on my race reports, which really is what this blog has become for the three people who still read POSTDINK. Not very motivated to do much of any thing lately, I blame night shift and my phone for sucking my soul. I am have to have Maya take it away from me, or at least have limits on social media, one can only refresh facebook/ Instagram/ Twiter so many times. I would ask Luke but he loves me too much.

Anyways while this cake is cooking, I thought I would write this post.

Signed up for the Tobermory trail Marathon soon after it opened, well as soon as I read it was 60% sold out. Signed up really before I realised it was two weeks before Chicago... thus no one race got my full attention. Preparation leading up was less then ideal. I am not really a runner who does well in the heat, and this summer happened to be rather warm, thus I just didn't run, or if I did it was for shorter distances then required. Oh well last year was the year for dedicated training regardless of the weather, this summer was for a bit more sitting by the water. Seriously I had a month after dirty girls with weeks less then 20k.

The difference between this race and other trail races I have participated in the past is that the race organisers wanted it to be run fast. As in there were cut off times. On the surface they look rather generous 3hours to be at 21.1k, and 6hours total. seems easy for a Boston qualifier right? Umm nope, not if the race is Tobermory to Cypress Lake and back on the Bruce trail. Have you ever gone to the grotto and climbed around the rocks?? Imagine racing it.  Thus my race plan was run like hell for the first half and be conservative on the way back , and try not to break an ankle for the entire thing,

The race field was limited by I think fear, many people took the race organisers urging to drop down to the half or form a team if they felt they would not make cut offs. I was stubborn and went ahead solo.

Perfect race conditions, not so perfect were my preparations. key running equipment was not brought, and what is available at 8pm in Tobermory... very little.

Went out at my own comfortably hard pace on the easy sections, any road or flat and I was running sub 5min/k. Once I hit Little cove and I started having to climb with ropes and my hands, combined with large boulders and I was down to 9:30min/km. Then there was rock beaches, which is understandable why one would go slower, however for much of the race it was the rocky footing that made for slow going. Made it to the half way mark at 2:34.  For the actual climbing around the grotto I was 14:23/km. Followed by 10kilmetres of 10min/km. at this point I said screw it and took a few selfies. Do not get me wrong, I was taking it cautious but still it was hard going, even that slow. I realised towards the end that I may not make the cut off for the marathon and started working but still could only manage 7:30/km.

On the way out saw the half marathoners coming, even saw the lead men for the marathon coming back but on the way back I was all by myself. Sure there are some self righteous runners who do not run with music, but I have ADD I need music or at least people to talk to. I was all by myself out there- the race organiser's even encouraged people to bring a phone so even thought the rules in bold letters said no headphones, I only half broke the rules I kept one headphone in. And here is the crazy thing, I was completely aware of what was going on all around me at all times. I was prepared to be DQ but I am old so I do not care about stuff like that anymore.

Finaly made it back into town, saw Luke and Ever, and was pretty happy to have him run in the finish line with me... except I looked back and saw a female hot on my heels. I literally shivered Ever out of the way and sprinted 400metres to the finish line, all along wondering where in the heck that girl came from..... yah so she was in the relay. Opps.

In the end, I was the end, last official finisher of the marathon and even then I didn't make the cut off. Ended up  being 6:05 , and that was good enough for third female overall. I know I could have run this faster, perhaps I will try again, or perhaps I will do the half, or perhaps I will let somebody else try.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dirty Girls

This wasn't really a A race, or a B race, or even a C race. It was just kinda a date on the calendar. I did no specific ingraining, I guess I tapered a bit, but really that does not matter in ultra running.
So why do the race... cause why not??

My brother from another mother, Matt  had decided he wanted to do 24hours this summer, so of course he didn't train and we both show up ready for a beating.

The plan was that we camp Friday night, Saturday night. I run all day Saturday and then sleep the night so somebody safe can drive home on Sunday morning.

Surprisingly we were one of the last to arrive Friday night around 8ish, surprisingly I slept well, and unfortunately as predicted the weather as predicted was not favorable to runners, it was hot, hot, hot even at 6:30 in the morning when we woke up.

One of the closest bed to start line situations ever. Lined up near the back and off we went. Bottle necked in the beginning. No point in going out fast but kinda a pain to get suck right at the beginning behind people in a conga line. I am inpatient and clasutiphic, long established.  Recall little about doing what each lap, just random thoughts...
  • Had to change a sock on the second lap so lubed feet. Only one blister as a result
  • Ate samosa, V8 juice, and red berry things. Salt tabs every lap, a few magnesium pills, x1 Fruit3, x1 endurance tap. H2o, 500mls ish every 4k. A few potatoes. Some fruit mixed in.
  • Carried a plastic baggy, the same one and at every aid station filled it. People thought it was amazing. Had my own bottle at the aid stations and just filled it every lap. I am to weak to carry a bottle and I thought my backpack would be to hot.
  • There is alot of dust and dirt at dirty girls. There are no showers. Apparently there was a creak somewhere but my car was trapped behind the start line. Also there was a cold hose. I would have paid at least $20 for a shower when I was done, waited until the next morning when I got home to wash. I was a dirty girl all night.
  • I really liked it when I had new people to chat with, i like meeting new people. Matt tried running with me but he was to fast (WTF)and i would make him go ahead but then he would wait for me at aid stations, eventually  learned he just had to go.
  • It is a 8k course, I liked the kilometers between 4-6k the best. There is a really big hill that most people just walk but I have learned that i am a really slow walker and I waste so much time walking, thus I mostly just walk the short steep stuff and run the longer gradual hills.
  • I have a serious problem with chafing, as in I now have permanent scars. Thus, as an experiment I bought a cheap but somewhat supportive/ tight sports bra from Walmart. I figured I have tried everything else, why not this... no chafing.
  • Started out with road asics, my feet started hurting so changed to my road hokas.Feet stopped hurting.
  • Coming into the race i did have a A goal of 70k. When I heard the weather report of the insane heat, I figured, whatever, because really what did it matter. I was watching my garmin for the first 20ish km then i stopped looking at the total km and started looking at the time. People would ask what lap I was on, or I would try to figure it out and really I had no clue. At one point I told matt I only had two more laps left in me. Then I did those laps and I had tons of time left so I went out for a last one. Actually ended up doing the last one faster then expected, and when I got to the finish line I had 69.84km so I sprinted a bit more just so I would have 70k on the watch and felt perfectly happy being done. According to the results it is 72k. Looking at the results I would have had to run another loop and more to catch the next person in my age catagoy and that was not happening so I am all good with 3/ 9 female, 5/19 overall.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Pelee Island Half Marathon

Apparently, this race is a bucket list race for a friend, and apparently she made the rest of us sign up the hour it opened as this race is a sell out in hours, but that was almost a year ago so I do not really remember.

Anyways, by no means was this race a goal race.No specific trainning was done, and infact I have been in a bit of a lull since the marathon. So this race was a 'see how you feel on race day' kinda race.

Complicated race logistics. This race is five hours away and involves a ferry trip. Luke came along for giggles. Thinking of ferry prices for the Chi-chimon I did not book a trip for the car, instead planned to ride our bikes around. In reality, it is very resonable, and quite frankly biking everywhere while carring all your earlthy good on the island is not fabulous so, my advice is book a ferry. Stayed on the island in a old house and we ended up calling it Tri club summer camp. There was bunk beds, and dish duty, and even a person in charge- otherwise known as the person who stayed sobur.

The race started at a very respecable 10am, problem was it was already hot, hot, hot. Occationaly  there was a brezze but my first task at every aid station was to cool down.  and dump water on myself.
Had a good warmup riding to the finish line then walking back to the start and some ABCs. For some reason this race completedly intimindated me, all the females looked fit and fast. Seriously, i actually needed a pep talk to calm down, not that I was racing to win, I just wanted a respecatble finish, I was thinking top 10 overall would be resonable.

Lined up, did not want to be super agressive in my postion, but I could have been a tad up there. Settled in, figured sub 4:50 kms would be good. Did the first in 4:39 opps. Just picked people off until 12k, and then there were very few to pick off. Had to then just focus on pushing myself, usually like having a rabitt to follow. Was not easy, related to the heat, and it hurt. Saw Luke around 19k and told him that his wife was about to die, managed to hold it until the end, even did my last full km at 4:38.
Averaged 4:44km for a 1:40:26 time, which really sucked cause I wanted sub 1:39:39 as I am making a bit of an effort to be fast again. Ended up 5th female which kinda sucked as there was no age group awards, just top three. I would have been third in my age group.   18th male/ female overall so not bad. Could not catch 4th female, she ended up being about 35 seconds ahead, but really that is better as I would have been really mad about being so close to podium and not actually being on the podium. So I guess I really didn't need to worry about any of those fast and fit girls.

The finish line involves a catered dinner and bottomless cup of wine, well until they run out, which is OK if you are a sea gull like me, I just went around to empty tables and drank left over wine. As a result it was a rather intresting bicyle ride back to tri club summer camp.

Overall trembednously fun event, but perhaps a one and doner.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Goodlife Toronto FULL

When athletic types get together, irreverently a measuring stick of sorts gets pulled out.
Whats your longest distance?
Have you done an ironman?
Whats your marathon PB?
Have you done Boston?

And shamefaced I had to say 3:49, and no never qualified. And for a while I was OK with that. Then a friend qualified and registered and I realized I was jealous and maybe I did want to run Boston. Thankfully 2016 was an El Nino year and the winter was good for training.
I started following this plan, however, I just could not hack it. The distances were too demanding and it was really hard to get the speed work in while the snow was covering the sidewalks, and I got sick. About two weeks of low energy, no appetite, so I adjusted and started following the Mcmillian plan on strava. Thus I did a hybrid of both. Which meant I ran alot more then I had since 2011, and thanks to segments on strava, I ran fast.

Going into to race, I felt prepared. A few niggles here and there. Followed a taper. Legs felt ok. Could have dropped a few pounds, but that is the story of my life.
Weather forecast was not good, but whatever, I could deal with rain and wind.
Stayed at the start line at the Novotel which has seen better days. Race started at 7:30, Went down stairs at 7, found a friend and chatted, realized I needed to have another poop and went back to the hotel at 7:15 and still had lots of time on the start line in the rain in my garbage bag.

Prior to the race I looked at the course map a bit, knew roughly where it went and the elevation changed anticipated. Honestly though, I admit I do look around to much. I look down and watch my feet so I do not trip on Toronto rough roads. I did look around on the Young street section, downtown, and a long downhill section. Mostly I just watched my splits.. until 16k  at which time they were gone so I just kept an eye on the pace bands I had and the basic stop watch feature on my expensive garmin.
At around 35k, my belly got a little sore and I stopped to pee in a bush and found satellites again, which is when I needed them the most.
I think  pace fell off around 30k, which is when I hit the Lakeshore. I pushed and struggled but the kilometers flew by. The wind was tough, and honestly I did not want to do this again or else I would have gave up at 38k and walked it in. As it was I walked up a hill and made a stranger promise me that I would run when I got to her. I knew my math was OK and I would finish around 3:35 as long as I kept at that pace which was why I needed my garmin to make sure I would not go slower then 5:30.

 A+ + goal was sub 3:25
A+ goal was sub 3:30
A goal was 3:35
And there was no not getting my goal as I had to much invested in qualifying for Boston Marathon. Regular massage all through the winter, hotel, food etc.
Crossed the line at 3:35:45, which I am very OK with. It was hard to be estatactic at the finish line due to hypothermia setting in, and in my group of four friends attempting to qualify only  two of us achived it, but the two who worked the hardest did not.

It is sinking in that I did this, and I get to go to Boston and buy a Boston jacket which I have always lusted after.
BUT in my head I and wishing I did a sub 3:30. I got in via lottery for Chicago Marathon this year and initially though I would just cruise to a finish, now I want to race it. I want to do some trail races this year as well so we will see how that goes. Recovered nicely, except for chafing. It is bad, really really bad. I think I may scar, thus I can get rid of my dinner plate metal and just have that as a reminder of the day I qualified for Boston.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Funny Girl

Occasionally we are able to have normal conversations with the girl child and occasionally she says funny things. 

For example, maya has re named cul- du sacks potato sacs just cause she thinks they look like potato sacs. 

Also in a very important discussion on what our magical powers would be if we had magical powers maya stated that hers would be the ability to poop money. She is not sure if she wants the feases to come in Canadian or American funds. 

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Around the Bay

Lets review.....
2015- 2:48:04- Gastro
2014-2:34:40- Whatever
2013-2:38:42- Ran with a friend and sang songs.
2012- 2:54:51- Paced a friend to sub three.
2011- 2:25:20- Raced.
2010- 2:37:04- Tried to race- crashed.
2009- 2:31:27- First timers luck.

Thus this is the eight instalment in a row of ATB.... the short of it..

2016- Chip- 2:28:57, Gun - 2:29:49

I went into this race with no expectations other than to see where I was at. My plan was to run as i felt comfortable. If  I wasn't doing well back off, if I felt fine, just keep doing what I was doing. I planned to take the first kilometre at above 5:15 and avoid running like a crazy person though the crowds. It helped this year there was self seeding corrals. As usual lined up with Matt, and hoped we would stay together for as long as possible. Did not hear the gun go off but we started to move forward so I started my watch and just started running. All good until about 4k when I look at my watch and I had lost satellites, and they were not to be found again. No amount of turning my watch on and off would have them return. I would have loved to have my data from this race. In the end I just asked people around me what pace we were running at, and if they had gun time.  Apparently it was windy, didn't really notice as I tended to run behind bigger people. It was a colder year but I was fine in what I chose to wear. The water in the cups was partially frozen.  Ate my usual three things, peed on lakeshore drive behind a trailer when I realised i could not hold it any longer. Around 26k realised that if I worked hard I could likely get a silver medal if I slipped across the line before 2:30gun. I really wish I had the data for the last kilometre cause I was flying. Some spectator's cut in front and screamed 'Move'. Some men were kinda in the way as I went around the bend into the stadium and I told them I was under a deadline and they needed to get through. In the end I had 10seconds to spare. If I would have had my garmin providing splits or even the time,  I am sure it would have not been cut so close.

My second best ATB time, similar to 2011 my mileage for the winter was quite high. Although this year feel easy, vs in 2011 I know I was hurting and it was stressful. Mind you that time was three minutes faster which would have been harder.

Very OK with another silver metal for my collection, very pleased with where I am at.

Cost analysis:
Hotel: 50, Meals 44, Registration 80(ish), Fuel during race 6

$ per kilometre- $6.00

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

2015 in Written Word

Have tried to be very good about keeping my list up to date with Goodreads. Have also tried to read more and ignore the draw of facebook, twiter, instagram, and strava. Of which, when ever I take a photo of the girl child she makes me swear not to post to. I think she has forgotten about this blog, but really so has everybody else. Blogs are very 2007.

Legends of the Tour
Graphic novel I purchased as a prize for the triathlon club banquet. Very detail rich, for true fans of the tour. I am more of a passing fancy of that's cool kind of fan. Fun none the less before I gave it away.

Sounds like a good  teen fiction novel, the type I like with a bit of science fiction mostly set in reality, but can not recall to much. Teen boy invisible. If you like the type why not?

Fallen World Series
Civilization as we know it as fallen due to some new super bug.  When Luke and I talk of apocalypse scenarios this is the one where he thinks I do not stand a chance cause I am at ground zero cause I work in a hospital but my rebuttal is I have a fantastic immune system cause I am exposed to bugs all the time, guess time will tell. Books were ok, nothing fantastic.

A bunch of pretty things I did not buy
Little volume on consumerism, not leading a life devoted to it etc. Kinda like preaching to the faithful choir of which, apart for sporting goods and good  shoes and bras I feel I am the leader of.

The Silent Sister
Story of murder and a fathers implausible efforts to cover it up. Good story, well written but I think the truth would have been an easier life to live. Worth the read.

Tina's Mouth: An Existential Comic Diary
I usually read graphic novels in one sitting, which may be the reason why I do not recall this one at all. It also may be due to the fact if I am sitting for extended periods of time I also like to drink wine.

Under genre for this author is the listing urban magic, which is exactly how I see this novel. Love the concept, the finer plot points were a bore but the details were the gem of this novel.

Digging For America
Saw a friend reading this and when I went to the library the next day I got it was well. Pleasant.

I think that a common theme for 2015 might be 'but I just can not remember', which is  is related to my utter fatigue and lack of brain cells related to ironman training. Seriously, I may have lost some IQ points  this summer. Read some reviews about this book and it kind of came back, but I think I might be mixing up some elements of the plot with another novel. In any event, I do remember the lack of empathy I had towards the heroine.

I do remember this book which is a victory in itself, so it was somewhat good. However since I read it, I have not thought of it, which is not a good sign. Middle America to Europe heist story.

Eat the Document
Two people commit a crime in the 1960s then assume different lives. Flash forward 30 years and fall out ensues.

The Mountain Story
I did not expect to like this novel, started slow but found I really ended up not being what I expected. Good read.

The Library at Mount Char
The jacket sounded fantastic, however as I got deeper and deeper into the novel it became clear the novel was much more science fiction then I usually read, however I was intrigued by the story. I did skip some gory details but could not put it down. Very much wanted to know how it ended.

Roller Girl
Graphic novel about how we age,  we change and the all amazingness of roller derby which is my new favorite sport to watch and not actually do cause I like all my bones not broken.

The Undertakers Daughter
Fantastic design and title for this non fiction volume of horrible writing. There are a few gems of 'short stories' but overall I did not care about your family, I only cared about the stories.

Finding Audrey
Nothing wrong with this young adult book focusing on recovery from an anxiety disorder. Problem is I do not care about your anxiety disorder and advise you to get over it. Yes I am jaded and hard.

In the Unlikely Event
Who doesn't love Judy Blume, even if it is not her best work, although I think I read somewhere it will be her last work as she does not like the pressure of deadlines and is in her 70's.  I am in the middle of reading Ever the fudge books right now.

The Boston Girl
A fan of the author, story of rags to riches main character was a tad too predictable.

The Girl on the Train
This book had a lot of hype and honestly I did not expect it to live up to it, however it was like an onion with many layers slowly being revealed. Fantastic. Go read it already.

Our Endless Numbered Days
I believe I picked it up due to the fantastic title. Chilly and creepy - was not expecting the end, as in had to re read it to believe that is what I was reading. Goosebumps.

Kitchens of the Great Midwest
A book of food, and cooking and growing and local eating. What is not to love? Made me tremendously hungry, should have come with a companion  cookbook.

How to Fall in Love
Cecelia Aherns books are so sweet and cute and I love them to bits and pieces. Often there is something fantastical but this one is pure romance and sweetness.

Silo Series- Wool, Shift and Dust
We started this series as an audio book for the long drive to Mt Trembant this summer. When we returned I had to get the books ordered from the library and accidently read them out of order... but interestingly it still worked. The premise is that mankind as well know it has been reduced to a life lived in silos. The amazing thing to me was all my stupid details that I think about that makes the story not possible were eventually answered and made the story in the vague sense possible. Very good reads if you like the end of world genre.

I listened to this book driving to North Carolina and loved it. The story was obviously more involved in the book, and actually completely different, however with the pg13 rating of the movie I figured it would be fine for Maya and I to listen to together. hmmm not so much. She listened here and there but mostly I was thankful she had other audio plans for the trip as it was not so much pg11.

A Curious Tale of the IN- Between
Luke brought this book home because the main character's last name is Bellamy. I needed something to read one night so picked it up. Apparently it is a series which I hate to find out once I have started to read the book. I try to only read series in which all the books have been released. Girl can see ghosts and has a trusty side kick. This can be a miss.

Day Shift
And this is the reason I only read books in a series if the entire series is out, because one book a year is painful!! Charlene Harris is kinda like a bag of chips mixed in with peanut M&Ms. Savor every bite of the deliciousness.

The year I met you
Was expecting a book of romance, but was actually a love story of friendship. Sweet.

The Accident Season
So the premise is good, the middle was too wordy and I was expecting better. Too much mumbo gumbo science fiction, but is a irritating way. Skimmed a lot hoping to get a good part, or even a part that could make sense. Just felt like the ends didn't tie together. Wondered how it could have gotten published.

Paper Towns
Maya wanted to watch the movie and beat me down until I was weak and agreed. Then I read the book. Typical young adult , do not know why everybody is getting so excited.


Saturday, January 02, 2016


This year marks the end of five years of written training journals. To be honest, I stopped mid year in favor of training peaks and strava. Moving forward I plan on only using strava to track my data. Currently just have a free account but may upgrade to premium. Training peaks was just used to communicate with my coach for ironman training.
My written journals were nothing fancy- just the day, type of activity and distance. Occasionally I would write trail or treadmill to account for lower numbers. I usually noted first outdoor ride and swim of the year. Occasionally wrote if a particular day was a race and if I did well or not. I never track activities I do with the kids, even if it is longer distances cause I figue I am not working as I would for training. Occasionally I may track core activities like body rock, yoga, and skiing. Just on a monthly not yearly basis. Moving forward with Strava I will likely track.

I was particularly interested this year to see how much more training I did to be able to complete IronmanS.  Note the S- as in more than one.

Swim-76 200metres

Swim-93 800

Swim-63 400

Swim-60 100

Swim-81 750

Swim-119 000

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

My Love Affair with Strava

It started innocently enough. My road bike lacks a bike computer so I used Strava to track distance.
Then I noticed the average speed feature.
Then I started paying attention to segments, Soon I was delaying my rides to have enough battery on my phone to preserve the ride. Rides were planned around doing the unriden segments. 

Then my Garmin 10 died and my replacement 910 uploads automatically to Strava, and it tracks run and swim.

Then I stopped biking and swimming and only was running. And perhaps I had a bit more time to pay attention to Strava and I think I have become a little obsessed.

Now, all runs that do not already have a segment get one. All segments that I do not have the CR for I obsess over. Any new segment that I can get to, is attempted. All runs are planned around potential QOM/ CR.

And the result?? I am running faster. I am paying attention to kilometre by kilometre splits. The numbers are there for me to easily pay attention to. I realize that at the end of a run I have to face either good numbers I can be proud of or numbers I should have a good explanation about. I enjoy thinking about what to call each run, if it will have an excuses for my slowness, or something neat to say about what I saw on my run.

The following of other people  I find not at all competitive but  motivating. If everybody else can get out for a run, there is no reason why I can't. It is cool to note everybody's routes. Fun to see what peoples training distances compared to distances racing.

Sure sometimes it is really depressing, ie. every damn segment on the Muskoka bike course but honestly next to a power meter I see no greater training tool right now.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Beach to Battleship, Beach2Battleship, B2B

Before I ever wanted to do an ironman, before I even learned to swim I knew about this race and I always knew it would be a bucket list race for me. No matter what,  I wanted to do this race sometime, and some how, this felt like it would be the right year to do it.  So what was the appeal?
The concept of a current assisted, almost in the ocean but safely not. A point to point race, a place I had only been a few times, and only a minor 16 hour drive there and back, what is not to love??

 For the three people who actually read this blog, you will be aware there is the minor point of ..I had already done an Ironman this year. Two months almost to the day ago. Yes I do realise the overwhelming bit of this. However, I did talk it over with some people and my logic was that, heck if I am trained for mountains I might as well take advantage of that fitness and do another. When I signed up. I was unsure if Ironman would be a one and done event and I had to sign up early to save $100 American. Thus, before I even attempted IMMT, I had my back up race in order...... ahh nope. I actually put B2B in the darkest closet in my brain. Minimal thought was put into it, I did not want to have a easy out for Trembant and Trembant was my A race. All along, I thought of Beach to Battleship as a little, extra. A bonus race that was to be fun, however once I was done IMMT, it took some time to get back into training.

I ended up resting until  September 8 then jumping back in. Not as intense, but volume remained. I missed a long run because I sprained my ankle. I always sprain my ankle before races. they are chronically swollen. My last long ride was completed in the  hurricane like winds  at an 24k hr average pace. Don't bother converting it Americans- it is slow. I was not as focused and may have stopped a few time on rides to eat lunch, like at restaurants. It was more of an ultra approach to triathlons than a marathon approach. Regardless, I knew I still was reasonably fit and I would finish. Finishing in daylight likely would not happen.

So point to point sounds fun right? Logistically, and time wise. Not so much. As I was being home stayed by a race sponsor*, and beggar's are grateful, I was staying further away from T1 or T2 then I would usually would. So the day before the race I had to Wilmington to drop off bags and then go to the start line at Wrightsville beach to drop of my bike. Then back to Carolina Beach to sleep so I could wake up at stupid o-clock to go back to Wrightsville beach to participate in the race. Did not bother with the dinner as I had Maya with me.

* My niece works for Outdoor Equipped and the company was a sponsor and I stayed at her house thus I am almost like an elite athlete and get hosted.

Matty Blacks glammer shot with a palm tree.

I am in love with American bumper stickers.

Maya was my official photographer, must teach her to focus.

 I spoke with several people the day before about what time to make it to T1, and thus was there so completely early but whatever. All I had to do was put my water on the bike and make sure my tires didn't pop in the night and then get a trolley ride to the swim start.
Interesting about this race is there is no morning gear bag. So if you go to the swim start alone as do most people, and whatever you do not take with you on with swim you donate to the beach. Was there rather early as was suggested. I had my coffee cup in hand, a banana for me and a friend to make and a gel. I was caring my wetsuit and had on old shoes,  miss matched socks, old uniform pants, old sweater, old t-shirt, throw away jacket from last years Niagara's falls race, and I was cold. There were people in  just their wetsuits. Just sitting waiting. Could not believe it.

Pasted the time chatting with people. I remarked that I knew I was I was only Canadian in the crowd as I was the only one drinking coffee.  An older man appearing to be sleeping spoke up. A Torontonian  who was in the midst of 8 ironman's in 8 weekends in a row. Or at least that is what he said. Actually I just looked him up John Wragg!!!! Oh my goodness. Now all his stories are making incredible  sense.

Eventually, it became light enough to put on my race tattoos, which I managed to only get 50% right. Discussed race nutrition to a fellow doing his first and basically developed a plan in 10mins for him to follow during the race as he had no idea what to do at all. Started walking down the beach to the swim start. And this is where I went a little wrong. Made a few minor errors. I was pretty focused in not getting in the water too quick that, maybe I took to long to get in the water. As in I was getting in with old men after I had given them hugs cause they looked cute. ie....- picture 29.  Perhaps I did not look out into the water so I would not realise how far I would have to swim, however that creates  a problem when  you have no idea what to sight nor do you know what is the best route to take. That channel was lined with a lot of volunteers on paddle boards, kayaks etc. but the path was so wide I found it hard to focus. I started out on the far right and eventually moved to the far left as I sight left and realised I could likely make a straighter line if I stayed closer to the guards. I also thought it might not be a bad idea to be close to the guards. I knew there was little chance I would drown but I found the water to be choppy, I had more than my fair share of salt water to drink. I had to take one break and mentally collect myself. I find it is a good idea to do that near life guards as they tend to worry about people who just stop. While reassuring myself I would not die in the ocean today I asked the guard if it was choppy and I was reassured I was not going crazy, it was indeed choppy and windy.  This thing about the current is it is amazing. At best I had hoped to be 1:15 cause really I do suck and I get worse in open water, so when I stopped my watch at 1:03:15 I laughed out loud! I think I am spoiled now and may only do current assisted races. No shame here.

It was 400metres to get from the swim exit to t1- on rough pavement.... and I had brought only one pair of throw away shoes... So I ran very carefully on the smooth concrete curb and took a lot of time in the tent. Towel, socks, shoes. Helmet on. Helmet off. Towel, shirt on, jacket on, gloves on, gloves off, arm warmers on, jacket on. gloves on, helmet on. Finally GO. Perhaps if I wasn't so busy chatting with people about IM Maryland in the tent or remarking I wish I would have changed into a dry bra in the tent, I could have had a better time. I think it was 9 minutes.  Sure there was that long run but a average time seemed to be six minutes.

Immediately I realize the jacket is a mistake, it is like parachute, and it is too hot, but really what does it matter, I had no idea how fast I was riding. My speedometer was not working. My cadence meter, which I did not care about for a flat race worked fine. I swear it worked the day before. I have a garmin on my wrist but when I do multisport it does odd displays and I am too lazy to change it.
Basically for the full you do some time on busy 4 lane city streets and some bridges then some time on big 4 lane highways then the half and the full separates....... and this is where reading the race guide a little closer would have come in handy. You see there is a half race and a full race going on at the same time so I assumed that the full just completes the bike course twice, or something of that effect. I looked at the maps vaguely but I know I am not the one in the front and really I didn't know any of the roads so what does it matter. I will just follow the person in front of me. So it hits me, we are not looping back to Wrightsville beach, we are heading further north. Just to confirm the next person I pass I causally ask, 'Do not think I am dull but, um is this a two or a one loop course?'  Lots of nice flat pretty roads, problem with that actually is there is no wind break. Apart fro the final section on the oil refinery road, I think HWY 74, there was either a cross wind or a head wind or just why am I sucking  so bad wind. The flats offered no break. You have to work for the entire ride. And if you are ridding a TT bike, your best bet is to be in aero... and after about 4hours in aero, my neck and shoulders were killing me. All in all, stopped once to pee behind a car cause the port a potty line was to long, in a real port a potty once cause I was sick of the people I was riding with. Stopped twice to work out the tension in my neck. I grabbed two water bottles and three bananas. My criticism is the bike aid stations were not long enough. Could not get what I needed in a pass. Also one more could have been helpful, but not completely necessary. Saw at least five cemeteries, and oh how I wished I had my camera. Problem was each one had better shots and light then the last, I would have lost a ton of time just taking pictures.
The ride took longer then I anticipated, so long Luke thought I something mechanical must have happened. Every time  when I was  supposed to eat, I just kept on dreading it. Sick to death of gels.

Arrive into Wilmington via a big bridge over the  Cape Fear river, you just hand off your bike and run through the Wilmington Convention center. They just hand  you your bags which is nice not to have to find them. Another cool thing is the change tent is located directly beside the nice indoor toilets. Took advantage,  however not as much as I would have liked. Time 6:23 which seems good.

Run was two out and backs along the water, through downtown, past a oil refinery up a hill, and into a park around a never ending lake. Course was OK in theory, and really I have nothing to complain about there. Pretty, shaded, But I want to complain.
I am rather disappointed with this result. Official time is 4:52. With my garmin I have a moving time of 4:33.Either way I know I could have done this run faster. I started out well, first 16k were respectable. Then there was a bit of a up hill that I walked and had a hard time starting again. Then I saw Maya and Courtney and walked a bit with them. Did well to the turn around and back again until I hit the section around the lake. I just mentally broke down. With the smaller field I was just not catching people. I had a strong worry I was the last one.  I was lonely. I felt barfy, and my nutrition plan was completely messed up. I tried swallowing gels but I kept on gagging and throwing them up. I was cool switching to on course nutrition of clift shot jelly things, but not all the aid stations had them, and everything else made me gag. I met a fellow around 30k and and we had a nice visit  walking and talking about shark  attacks, but we separated cause I wanted to spend some time in the indoor washrooms at the turn around. By this time I just wanted to get done. I had been handed a light stick and I was depressed. Finally managed to latch onto another girl who might be my race twin as she just wants to talk all the way through as well. Thank goodness for her or I would have not stayed focused and would likely have walked it in. We didn't let the other walk and made a plan for the aid stations.  Saw Maya and Courtney again around 40k, they had been waiting at the finish but Maya was getting worried so they started walking back to make sure I was not dead. Nobody at the finish line, but I was OK with that. Rather disappointed in the finish line as it was in a gravel pit/ marnia.  I understand this race changes the run course yearly and used to finish in front of the waterfront court house but due to construction this was it..... a parking lot. This was one area that was much different than Ironman branded races. No grandstand, small area, no carpet or decorations . No medical personal that I could see. I didn't need them but I was looking just to compare and I did not see. The massage tent was just about done packing up. So for the final finishers.. it would have been quiet. I must mention a funny moment on the run. For some reason I stopped in front of a bar on the first loop and for some reason I took  a complete strangers beer and took a drink, I don't even like beer. I have no idea why I would do this, but at the time it felt like the right thing to do.

Felt surprisingly ok Sunday. Tired, but minimal muscle stiffness. The drive home I was dreading, was actually not so bad

Monday, September 21, 2015


If something is going to happen to anybody, it is going to happen to me. Frankly I am surprised that I have not been struck by lightening.

Saturday, there was a gathering on the peninsula so of course I did not attend the gathering but brought along my bike to ride cause it is flat there, and I need I the flat I can get to prepare for beach to battleship.
Was having a lovely time, great decent down the escarpment at Big Bay, went wide around a curve to avoid a puddle and hit the edge of the road fell hard.
I think I possibly did a one 180 as I felt the bike spin around me, with my feet still attached.  I had took the impact to my head and my left shoulder. Didn't loss consciousness, and surprisingly did not crack my helmet.
As nobody stopped to make sure I was ok, rode back into Wiarton. Perhaps a little nauseous and defiantly sore.
As I was working ER that night registered myself for ER and got some drugs to make it through the night. Continue to be sore and nervous about swimming.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Immt 2015

This has been rather delayed in its posting but I have reasons....
- It has been hot and my palms are too sweaty to type.
-I fall asleep too early to do anything in the evening.
-The children demand too much attention, not to mention Luke.

Thus, here we go. Going to try to provide more detail then usual as I tend to read other bloggers race reports to scoop out fine details that may be to my benefit. Also, a lot of pictures have already been posted on all my other social media sites so these are the left behinds. My official race photos look like I am having a seizure cause I might be the least photogenic person there is.

Pre race...

When I signed up for IMMT, Luke thought it would be fantastic to invite his whole family, so he asked and they though why not,  so it was to be a big Mccutcheon- Bellamy adventure. Stephane B called the accommodation people to book in August of last year and she booked into Tour De Voyagers which may have been the most perfect hotel EVER.
Seriously, it was at the finish line, and the expo, right on the bottom of the small gondola so we could just hop on/off. Easy to get in/out of the village.

We arrived Thursday early afternoon and I went to the expo right away expecting to find the Argon tent as it had been there for the 70.3 and has a large Quebec presence. I have been having issues with my seat and possibly thought I would need to new clamp. The bike guy in town had Macgivered it and we were sure it was pretty stable but he/ I wanted to be sure SURE, cause really carbon tri bikes are not really his area of expertise.  So I wander around with my bike and there is no Argon tent, and I am freaking out. There were dealers in Ottawa and we could have stopped.... anyways the official bike mechanic people gave me a smile and told me I had lots of time and sent me into Chemin du Village which has a argon dealer in the old village, and along the run course, so I actually knew where it was and could bike to it. Low and behold, my seat was fine, they just replaced the bolts to have neoprene on them which apparently is a good thing. Was a good time, left a tip for dealing with me quickly and was on my way confident I wouldn't have to worry about my seat, just my tires, derailer, and any other moving part or basically fixed part on my bike.

My bag packing took several hours, many lists consulted and trips to the expo. Big believer in the wish I would  have had it if I didn't pack it, so I packed a lot. I had lube and spare socks in every bag. Electrical tape and zip ties in bike special needs, extra shorts in case I had diarrhoea, and any case scenario that could be solved with pharmaceuticals  I had had the pill for it.


Goal- 1:30

Coming into the swim all I wanted to do was survive. I am a turtle in the water. Just slow and steady... well, perhaps not steady.
Down to the water in plenty of time, suited and lubed up. On and off crying with worry/ excitement. Day had dawned already warm at 6:30... and foggy. So foggy I could not see past the first swim buoy. Saw this initially as good thing as I had no idea how far out I had to go, and thus kept the freaking out to a minimum. Lined up and ok and just before the gun goes off I realise I am wayyyy to front of the pack, I needed to be back, but then the gun goes off and I have to move forward cause that is what everybody else is doing. I do ok until the first buoy, ok until the second, by the third I feel like I am going to die in this mess of people wildly thrashing around me. Catching drafts but all in all I am completely overwhelmed. At that moment I consider quitting, seriously. I imagine conversations that I would have to have explaining why I quit and thus  realised just how pathetic that would be. I madly try to problem solve this hell I am in. I decide the only thing I can do is wait until my wave passes, and the next one until I have clear water. I then realise that my take some time, and seeing as I am not fastest swimmer and how would I explain I didn't even make the swim cut off I have no choice but to keep on going. So passes forth and fifth buoy and then I loss count cause I my energy is being used to actually see the buoys. After I passed one, I had to stop and look intently for the next one, the fog was so thick and I guess my goggles are just to tinted. In any event I  might as well been swimming blind. A little while later I assumed a massive storm had unexpectedly blown in as it was suddenly rather wavy. I had pleasant thoughts of water rescues and being shuttled to shore. When I did not hear a call for evacuation after awhile I called up to a kayaker asking about the sudden surf like conditions and apparently a boat went by, personally I didn't know ocean freighters were in Lac Trembant. A few buoys go by, there was quite a few of them and I am hearing a lot of shouting going on, I assumed several people had to be calling for help, I imagine at the back end of the swim where I am now people are dropping like flies. Being as I am a nurse I figure I am a caring person and I should be helping, but I do not want to, I just want to keep swimming so I can get to land sooner.  Slowly it dawns on me that it is a volunteer yelling 'aller', or go in English. But I do not know what aller means. So I stop and tell her she has got to stop cause she is stressing me out thinking people are drowning.  Few more buoys go by and I try to catch feet here and there. I am on the look out for Dave cause I assume he must have past me in all my stopping to sight where I was going.  Finally though the fog I can see the swim finish and it took forever to get there. I kept on looking up but it seemed to get further and further away. I may have been one of the last few out of the water at 1:33. I am all good with this considering I do not think humans were not meant to swim.
Time: 1:33   Pace 2:28/100metres     78/91

On the run back to transition along the red carpet, I saw Luke and let him know I actually survived my extended time in the water. I even kissed him I was so surprised myself. Then I need to pee so bad, and thinking of chafing, I decide not to let urine soak into my bike shorts but wasted precious seconds waiting for and using a loo. Transition was easy. I decorated my bags with scraps of garbage ( literally pulled garbage and cut it into strips) tied to the strings. All I had to do was put on socks, shoes helmet, glasses,  and sunscreen and go. But where the heck was my bike? I ended up having to look at my wrist for my number and then find my spot. Although considering in my age group I was 78/91 where should have been so few bikes left to chose from there should have been no reason for the frantic search and rescue.

Goal 7:00
Funny how our memories work. At the 70.3 in 2014 I found the bike to be rather challenging, so every hill I rode, every hot day, every bit of wind I rode into I complained yes, but was thankful cause I knew it was preparing me. so I kept on waiting on the course to get hard, but really it wasn't. I loved that course, and all day I was thankful it wasn't Muskoka, cause that course it hard. No joke.
Was still foggy when I got on the bike but quickly by the time I was out on the highway it had burned off, and we were in for a roast. There was no wind so if that was the price I had to pay I am ok with that. But seriously it was hot. I drank so much I had to stop and pee I think twice but maybe three times. On my second loop I opened my tri top and held out my bra and offered my bust to a teen boy volunteer doling out ice. 
My plan was to eat a granola bar at the top of the hour, salt taps at 15 and 45 and gel at 30. But I get on the bike and I just didn't want the granola bars I  had lovingly packed. So I did some quick calculations and figured if I stopped for special needs to get my back up gels I would have enough. So that's what I did. With one to spare at the end. On course nutrition is honey based... and I am allergic/ sensitive.
The only mechanical issue I had was the  brand new bright red bar tape I had put on three days ago came loose and it drove me nuts so I stopped at a mechanics tent to tape it back on. Oh and my left shoe didn't unclip so I had to go to the loo in my sock, that was really REALLY gross. Which brings me to another interesting point. The port a loo was a two seater....
Spent most of the day just people watching, looking out for my people, checking out all the cute kits. Making bits of conversation here and there. On the  hard out section I reminded all the people I was riding around that when we were coming back I didn't want an ambulance ride today cause really the back section was scary. The screams on on your left becoming frantic as I am sure some crazy speeds reached, and for petes sakes people hold your line and stay right! Even I got boxed in a few times. Did my best to spin the up hills and push hard on the downs... within reason.
Time- 6:37                           48/ 91 AG             27.1km/hr

Jumped off the bike with surprising ease and was prepared to walk into transition, but I saw somebody else jogging so I thought I would and I think I burst out laughing cause it didn't hurt. Was surprised about that. Initially my clothing plan for the day was to wear tri top all day which I did but on the bike wear tri shorts and bike shorts then quickly take off bike short and go out on the run in tri short. However during the sauna that was the bike ride I thought it would be best to take both off and put on my lulu run shorts cause they would be cooler.

Goal 4:30

Going into this race the biggest goal I had was to not end up doing a death march. A death march is any time in a race, be it triathlon, trail, or traditional road runs. My past experience with phenomena has been limited, but it leave an impression and a dread of it happening again. Happy to say it didn't happen.
Started out excited about the run, which quickly led to confusion. It is a two loop course and I spent the majority of the race wondering if people were on their first or second laps. Seriously, I was so confused I was getting mad. Like a couple of chatty Cathy's  who looked so fresh when I was getting pretty tired on my second when they were on their first but I assumed they were on their second. I was only competing against myself really but it would have been nice to know.
My mantra was powerful forward progress and really focused on just moving. I think I hit the porta potty only once but I was taking in so much fluid, it was just so hot sweating it out. I honestly think it got hotter the long I was out there. I had brought along a compression sock in case my ankle starting misbehaving but I ended up using it constantly to wipe sweat. Ice  or la glace as I learned to say in French at every aid station. Ice in my mouth, my bra, my pants, and in my hands. I am a big believer is the cooling powers of being wet/ evaporation so was soaked by the time I finished.
Luke was on his bike for portions of the race keeping me updated on my friends racing progress, and just keeping me company, I was conscious of the fact his presence could be called pacing so sent him on his way often. Really enjoyed seeing my people on the course, Luke's father was at the split for the finishline/ second lap and I had to laugh when he pointed me to the finish, thankfully I was with it enough not to do that hahha. Stopped when I saw Ever for a quick little snuggle.
Great to see my friends looking so strong out their on the run. I had a fear that Dave actually died or didn't finish the swim for some irrational reason. I actually thought that people lied to me when I asked if he was OK so I would keep on going, It wasn't until I saw him at an out and back that I stopped worrying about him being dead.
I completely expected to find a friend and chat, but I just could not find that right person to hang with. Either I was to 'fast' or they were not chatty enough. Did meet a few people and went out of my way to talk to many. At one out and back section I called out every persons name I could see on bibs which actually helped the time pass. Got lots of smiles. I danced a few times just to move in a slightly different manor, and it was fun.
Time- 4:41       35/91 AG          6:39/km pace

Grand Total- 13:08:27

Overall, my goal was to be 12-14hours, and I think a sub 13hour finish would have been possible, had it not been for the heat or of I even had any idea what my race time was. I had a Garmin on but I had messed up switching from the bike to run and only had a combination of the two running. I did know that to finish in day light would be sub 14ish and that was my overall goal. Next time I will make sure I know what my race time is, cause when I crossed the line I had no idea where I was at.
The entire day I felt strong and in control ( except for the first half of the swim), of course I made it that way. Mentally I was strong and knew what I had to do. I dug deep, but I know I can go deeper/=faster, but perhaps not so much in the swim.

I find it so interesting that in my age group alone I passed 35 women. Obviously due to swim waves and those who did not finish,  I did not actually pass that many people but overall in the swim I was 2017 /2350. By the finish line I was 1193/2350 thus I moved up the standing and passed 824 people.
When I say I passed people all day, I really mean it. Apart from a couple of men on the bike and one female on the run I do not recall being passed. If anybody was going to get a passing pendity on the bike it would be me.

Moving forward, I am training for the full at Beach to Battleship cause I figure I am trained, just have to maintain, YOLO and I have a free place to stay.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


1. Rear derailer hanger completely shirred off, derailer got caught in the cross fire. $150 plus gas/ parking to Toronto to a dealer to fix.

2. Chain snapped in two. $60

3. Seat fell off. Bolts completely stripped.  FREE- cause the bike shop is nice.

Bike is less then two year old.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

70.3 Muskoka

Race Take away.. I think I learned what full iron pace is.... unfortunately found out while racing a half iron.  I am completely OK with this result. I saw improvement mentally and met my goals except for the run, which was justified.

Total time- 6:16:09
Swim- 45:08

Total Time- 6:17:33

For once did not dread getting in the water, had a good time chatting waiting and was looking forward to the swim. Water was an amazing temperature, prefect for swimming. Did really well not to stop and remained completely focused until I took I huge bonk to the head. Immediately started coughing and sputtering. Girl beside me knew what she did and kept on saying sorry, I waved her on while sputtering and then got wacked again! Could see life guards watching so before I fully recovered kept on going. Spent the next 15or so minutes debating to myself about when I could look at my watch for the swim time. Then turned at the buoy to the finish and felt like I was swimming against the current. Just could not speed up and slowly made my way in, only to find that during the bonk my watch must have stopped. Had left shoes on the golf green cause the last time I did this was torture running up the paved hill on pavement. Into T1 and out in reasonable time.

Reset my watch for time and just kept very controlled until I was off the stick. Spun up the hills and pushed the downhill's/ flats. Felt a rub around the turn onto 35 and checked my rear tire, nope it was fine so kept on going, but I was sure it was there. After the aid station in Dorset I stopped and checked the rear again, then it dawned on me... Front. Yep there was a rub. Loosen off my brake- the one bike adjustment I actually know how to make and things got considerably easier.  Stayed really positive and upbeat and had a ton of energy. Every time I have done this course it becomes easier. Was flying by the end. However, I may have sandbagged it a bit. One fellow commented on my chatting with an acquaintance about how nice it was we were out on a Sunday ride, and another friend had to tell me to leave her. Also my hydration system needs to become a system and not just a lifting of bottle from the frame cause that takes way to much time as I have been pointed out several times. Managed to drink three bottles, healthy type granola bar top of every hour. Gel at 20/ 40min. Salt tab at 15/45min. Wished I could have check list reminding me if I had taken something cause I question myself often if I did or not.

And this is where seemingly things fell apart, but that was far from the truth. Coming into this race I was confident I could run really well. Then the weather report happened. It was hot, and it was the heat of the day and really the race has that long section along HWY 60 and I am fickle, I hate it. Thus I made the best of it. Along the first section I made friends with Paul and at the turn around Bob. We chatted the entire way back. As in easy but steady running. I have never sprinted the finishing shoot cause I usually empty the tank, this time it was 3/4 full at the finish line. I think I would have run faster but  American Bob was giving me splits in miles due to my non finding saltitiles Garmin. I basically made the decision to have fun on the run. It was not fast, far from it, but I hade a good time. Water and ice every aid station- lost time walking through these. Salt every 30min, gels every 30min.

Tuesday post remain fatigued and some minor soreness in the legs and even though I am disappointed  about the time, I feel it was a success and good training and really nothing I could have done differently. Did not give it my all and I am ok with that.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Chesley Community Classic

In my year of only racing a few times, and those races have to be expensive, I did a cheap simple 5k, in fact we all did. All except Maya, cause she is lazy, I am not being mean I am stating a fact.
Basically decided to do the race a few days prior, mentioned it to Luke and apparently he wanted to do it to, cause he definitely trains to race. (This is a sarcastic comment) There was a 1k as well, so we offered it to Ever and he said, no, which we took to mean yes cause it takes him a while to warm up to ideas.
This is the year of ironman, so of course I did an 80k ride prior with just in time to get changed, say hello to a few people and toe the line. Small race- 67 people between the 5 and 10k, an additional 30 people in the 5k walk.  From the get go, only one other female in front of me, comfortable pace. Actually a really nice course, featuring the prettest streets in Chesley and a old railway bridge that as been renovated to a pedestrian walking bridge, there was even some nice trail. Shaded, which was good cause I was hot, hot and dumped water at the water stations on myself. Passed the lone female in front of me at around 3k and just cruised in with some kid boys. Final time 23:46, pace of 4:45. By no means a PB, but an ok effort considering I was not working as hard as I could have. Luke, apparently worked as hard as he could, and was sore for two days. Funny at the finish line repeatedly  hearing the race announcer stating people were crossing the finish line  in a time of 24:28. This was repeated for at least five minutes. Clearly he had no idea of how time passes.
The kids race seemed to be the main draw with 86 participants. Which I missed. I texted Luke in the middle of my ride to say that he had better check the start time of the kids race, so I missed Evers epic battle for 4th pace, being beat out only by a 12, 11, and 9 year old. Although there were 9 and 10 year olds in the 5k with very respectable sub 25min times. Evers time was 5:40 for 1k so could use  some work. The fun was at the finish line where he was given a metal as first female... yah then they took it away. Good times.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


This picture was taken in a park, hence its relevance. Maya had nice shorter hair and Ever looked like a beach bum.

Here is the thing. I hate parks.
I do not like going, I find them very boring. The kids do not need me to play with them, thus I am left just being. This time of year I am left being cold and bored. I usually bring a book or phone, but overall I am bored. I want to move forward and by far would rather take the kids for a ride or a walk but they always want to stop at a park, but then what can I do?
 I go through the garbage looking for beer bottles but that only takes so long. Which brings me to a really cool thing we saw in Emerald Isle NC.

I saw at first what I thought was a large area with gravel in it. Obviously it was not gravel that you would see around here, but costal type dirt. I assumed another play structure would be going in that spot soon. However,  I saw another woman at the park, and while her son played she was sitting and playing in the dirt. After I had surfed the internet for a while, and the kids played, and I was silently dying of boredom I went over to her and just started talking.
Turns out the dirt pile actually was to be a archeology feature. It was full of fossils and neat rocks and even sharks teeth. That would make parks around here more entertaining for me, the person who pays for the parks with my taxes.

Friday, April 10, 2015


My birthday is in April, more often than not it is a cold, rainy day. Not worth celebrating, not worth going outside. I want to do cool stuff on my birthday, but that involves there not being snow on the ground. Thus I think I deserve a redo in a few months.

Next year I am travelling.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Luck ran out- ATB 2015

2015- 2:48:04- WTF??
2014-2:34:40- Whatever
2013-2:38:42- Ran with a friend and sang songs.
2012- 2:54:51- Paced a friend to sub three.
2011- 2:25:20- Raced.
2010- 2:37:04- Tried to race- crashed.
2009- 2:31:27- First timers luck.
To be honest this is the worst result, and one I wish I could be erased from the record books. The sad thing, I think it was the year I was most prepared..
I have been doing exactly as I have been told by my triathlon coach, felt like I could lay down a good race, I missed one long run but other that, I have done everything,  but I have two possible reasons for my shame.
1. There was a gastro bug that hit the town of Chesley. I work in the emergency department for the town of Chesley. I started feeling nauseous the Tuesday night prior. Low level, figured it was just shift work. Wednesday, tired but managed a good swim. Thursday, it was a struggle to get out of bed. I figured it was just post nights residual tiredness, or cold depression. Attempted my bike workout of the day, but when I had only gone 7km in 30min I realized that perhaps I was not doing well. I called in sick to work on Friday, which I have done only three other times in 14 years of employment. By the eve I felt well enough to go with the family to the pool. Saturday, did my run, but just felt tired and uninterested in food. There are some other details but this is not a medical chart. Ate some of dinner on Saturday but really had to force to food down.
2.  This was my 7th straight year. I enjoy having a reason to train in the winter, I enjoy the trip with my friends. However,  I am sick to death of Hamilton and this race course, and the pavement/ concrete. I need a mental break, next year I can still go but ride my bike or volunteer.
My pre race instructions were to ' pick a solid effort that feels easy at the start and the effort to maintain builds throughout the run'. So I started at the front of the open corral, which seems right. Plan was to start out with Matt, and go from there. I did feel like we started out to fast, but not to bad- reasonable comfortable. Was hot soon, had to fuss and tie my jacket around was waist I was so hot, I usually never overdress. Had a moment when Matt yelled to run like hell to beat the train, which I had no idea what he was talking about until I clued in the dinging was the train coming and we crossed the tracks. Took a while to recover. Lost Matt around 10k when I had to walk to fix my jacket. Told him I would catch up... and I just was not recovering. Made a deal that I work hard until 15k, then realized I could go another 5k working hard, but at 20k I was done. I had been taking a gel every 5k until that point. Drinking well at every water station, but I was done. My fatigue level was high and my hamstrings/ calves were killing me. I was 1:42 into the race and  I realized that if I ran a 60min 10k I could make it sub 2:45, and quite frankly I found that seriously depressing, so I kinda gave up. Just didn't care anymore. Cause I feel I am better than that, and I figured out that my luck that I mostly have for this race, just didn't show up this time. I also realized that I was sick, still was. As I write this a week later and note the difference between how I feel today vs. last week is night and day. I never quite realize how sick I am until it is gone.
I am left here wanting a do over, but you can never redo a race day.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Tired and Training

In the middle of the night, when my eyes are shutting but it isn't 7:30 yet and I can't go home, I amuse myself with race reports. Races I have done, races I hope to do or just random bloggers random race stories, just cause I am that stranger reading your blog. I love it.

I am have developed minor girl crushes, or perhaps it is plain and simple envy for some racers and their great performances. Or even if it is a rough day and diarrhea is dripping down your leg, I am still interested and entertained. My internet buddies that I have never met and they do not know I exists but I feel I kin- ship with them.

Thus, I entertained thoughts of blogging about my ironman training year, but an avenue of social media that I have not participated in is iTunes....

Thus I bring you, Tired and Training.  An occasional series about my life and journey to IMMT.