Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Boston Marathon 2017

 Well I guess a rainy day, and several months later isn't a bad time to write a race report. I am sure I will want this memory recorded eventually.

First off, it was a fantastic trip to Boston with Luke. We had a fabulous time being together exploring the city and I enjoyed being part of a un-matchable running experience. I felt lucky and privileged to be able to experience the race weekend the entire time we were there.
 We started off by going to the expo on Friday afternoon. Going early to Boston was worth this alone, no  wait line to get in and although it was busy it was nothing what I am told Saturday and Sunday are like. Obviously, first stop was to get the jacket. Also picked up a head band by impulse and  the lego lady  at the additis booth. Would have bought more but nothing really jumped out at me. I have also always really wanted a pair of Brooks Boston shoes cause I think their designs are always the coolest. By the end of the weekend I had also picked up Boston specific t-shift and magnet for my car. Super fun just soaking up the atmosphere and seeing what was new and cool in running stuff.

 A really cool thing about Boston marathon weekend is everybody is talking to everybody. It is nothing to jump into a conversation on the subway about training, or qualifying races. Wearing the jacket is an open invitation for people to congratulate , discuss and strategize for the day. For example, i spent time on the subway explaining to a runner from Florida what training in Canada was like in the winter. However my best conversation was with a group of people from Ohio. A gentleman named Joey of whom had run 20 previous Bostons took myself and fellow Saugeen runner Cathy under his wing. He was staying at our hotel and basically got us to the start line. We ended up tagging along with this Ohio group, we got to the buses early and then followed them right to the top secret indoor get ready place. A place where we could roll out and stretch and snack and have a rest on the floor and when we had to do our business, there were no line up port a potties. It was magical and I will treasure that memory for a long while.

OK, back up for a second. For the Boston Marathon I trained hard, hardest I have done. I was following a plan, doing core work and was fit. Actually, I think I was in the best shape of my life. To help get through the long winter workouts, and endless intervals, I picked up a rock and put it in my pocket on runs and to keep track of my intervals when they were endless. So at the start line, or actually a little off to the side of the Boston Marathon I left a little bit of Grey Bruce Counties. And then I cried.

Standing on the start line it was hot, I was sweating in my tank top and shorts. I had drank enough prior to the race but I knew it would be warm. I actually wasn't worried cause it was Boston and I was going to give it everything. Then I started, in every single piece of advice you hear about Boston is  the main thing you hear is not to trash your legs in the first 10k cause it is down hill, but I didn't care, I am a fantastic downhill runner, no worries. Then I started, and actually I was being conservative, then I realized I wasn;t and I was working a little to hard but I actually was going slower then I should and then realized that perhaps today was not going to be my day.

The stomach cramps started and then the race became all about running between porta- potties. The running I was doing was not bad, but it was broken up by pit stops. At one point, I thought I was going to have to ask a house owner for their toilet so I didn't poop my pants. It was a close call but I made it to the next one.

Luke had said he was going to make it to a specific spot and I counted down the miles until I saw him, I really wanted to quit cause I felt like I was going to die, I was crying and miserable. If it was not Boston I would have been quite happy to accept my first DNF. I went out of my way to avoid being near the medical aid tents cause I was sure I looked so bad they would pull me from the course.It was hard, hardest thing I have ever done, and I have given birth to two children in my bedroom.

I finished slow, but it could have been slower, the streets of Boston are just crazy with spectators. I was wearing Canada headband and my name was on my shirt in hello kitty duct tape sooo all race long I heard "Go Canada", and "Good job Annie". Of note was I put Ann on my shirt.  So because I was slow and I was not racing I did take the time to high five all the kids, kiss some girls a Weslsely, and some frat boys along the way. A little girl got my headband when I was at a low point. To be honest it was hard to run that last mile, there was just nothing in the tank and it wasn't the race I wanted. A huge disappointment. I had gone into the race wanting to re qualify but that wasn't going to happen, I actually was i injured so I knew another spring marathon was out of the question and when will I make the sacrifice to train hard to qualify again?? Especially since I do not like road running and the pavement beats me up so badly.  On to new and different things. Like Kayaking.

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