Thursday, March 30, 2017

Around the BAY 2017 ed.

2017- 2:27:52
2016- 2:28:57-Raced

2015- 2:48:04- Gastro
2014-2:34:40- Whatever
2013-2:38:42- Ran with a friend and sang songs.
2012- 2:54:51- Paced a friend to sub three.
2011- 2:25:20- Raced- Was on steriods r/t root canals.
2010- 2:37:04- Tried to race- crashed.
2009- 2:31:27- First timers luck.

Ninth year running  Around the Bay, on paper looks like it was my second best time. However the year I ran 2:25 I also happen to be on prednisone due to some dental work I had done. Thus, I will never count that year as a true time.  Thus I would say 2017 was my best performance in steel down.
However it hurt.  I found I had to work for every step; it was a complete mental game. I was fatigued, and just had no desire to push. I had mildly tapered, and really didn’t want to come home with another bronze metal so knew I had to put some work into it.
Right from the get go I found it tough. I had actually forgotten my Garmin but thankfully my brother from another mother lent me his as he was just participating and his time didn’t mean anything to him. But it wasn’t mine and I did spend effort fussing. Thankfully I did have my pace to keep me accountable and for some reason it gave me mile, not kilometers splits. As long as I stayed below 8 I thought that would be good.
The wind was a definite distraction; I was constantly trying to find groups to run behind to block the wind.  Wore long sleeves, tights, and wind west which I found to be too hot. Was distracted by my sweating which I hate. Was running intermittently around a buddy but around 22 I told him he better go as he is a faster runner then me and I could tell I was getting pretty unhappy. At that point I ate everything I had with me, and walked ten steps on an uphill. Tracy from runners den came along and we ran together for a bit but then we hit the Valley hill in road and I told her to go on as I am slow on hills. I think I walked for 10 steps somewhere on the hill. Once I got to the 26kish  mark I realized at 25min to make 2:30 and told another girl we needed to move to make silver then just worked. I sang when I had to and crossed the line. It was not easy and I was very glad to be done. I used on phone in my waist belt to record my run on strava and for some reason it says I went 31.4k.
Next year will be 10 years straight so I guess I have to make another annual pilgrimage to Hamilton, but that will be the last, I swear.
Looking forward to April 17, I am doubtful I will be able to maintain that pace for an additional 12k to make my A+ goal of sub 3:30Guess we will see what the day brings. I think I have had a good lead up except for my long runs. I missed one, and they could have been a tad longer. We will see, in any event it will BOSTON, so all good.

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Still waiting for your Boston report....